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Dec Posted by drmarkgriffiths. Most online sources that discuss trampling note that because the act of being trampled upon can be very painful, it has close links and associations with sexual sadism and sexual masochism. As far as I am aware, no empirical research has ever been carried out on trampling fetishes trample fetish we have no idea how prevalent or widespread the activity is.

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But not all trample fans are interested in or aroused by power games or the psychological dynamic.

Kink Dating Guides Try these top Reviews Best Threesome Hookup Sites There are many sites out there that will help you get laid, but when Whether you desire a brief Reader Favorites Some gals, and guys, have Fetishes Salivating Over Saliva? Want to meet trample fetish who share your kink for trampling?


You can also avoid exchanging fluids, while adding intensity, theater, trample fetish variety to your relationship. Of these, many say their trample kink preceded the erotic—they enjoyed being stepped on or found wrestling and trample fetish fun pleasurable, and later started to think about women doing it to them. Stepping, stomping, and walking on may be desired at a supercharged level—some trample fetish report the bruises and scratches are part of the ecstasy.

Trampling can be an incredibly safe form of sensual play if using basic precautions against crushing and bodily injury.

What is the trample fetish?

Load More Comments. Trample fetish is often considered a subset of crushing fetishes, where kinksters derive erotic pleasure from watching or causing objects or live creatures trample fetish be crushed, though many trample lovers reject this connection, claiming the two kinks are distinct and driven by a trample fetish different psychology.

However, for many turned on by trampling, the feet are incidental and have no special appeal. Many kinksters report that it was an intense passion they felt from early days, that a powerful desire to be stepped on was simply trample fetish from the start.

Search over kinky articles:. Some trample fetishists trample fetish that the idea started to excite them somewhere along the way, perhaps after a BDSM relationship unfolded and certain practices became erotically charged.

Just as trampling may or trample fetish not include submission and dominance, it may or may not include pain. Get Kinky Mail! Many men and the occasional gal have an intense desire to be stepped on, walked over, squashed, or trample fetish as a trampoline. Others want the one doing the trampling to have bare feet and to tread gently. Subscribe to Kink Lovers Now. Kink Lovers.

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Inline Feedbacks. Stilettos are a very common part of the fantasy.

Having her walk on your back or buttocks or not put her whole weight on your dick under sharp boots, for example, is wiser than her kneeling on your skull. I was surfing the internet enjoying some artsy short films when I came across I get a kick Get ready to trample fetish your limits What's Your Kink? It may also include being stood on, walked on, or having your body or a part crushed.

Because of the close connection with the feet doing the trampling, this kink was trample fetish viewed as a more extreme version of the foot fetish.

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And that is in trample fetish true for many men—the feet trample fetish integral. It is sometimes specific to the trampling of cock and balls and is thereby connected to cock and ball torture CBT. Trampling is often a specific kink inside of BDSM as a larger spectrum, which makes sense because the desire to be trampled is very submissive. Whether pain is desired or not, use logic and common sense for trampling safety.