The 16th ECFS Basic Science Conference was held in Dubrovnik 27th-30th March 2019.

Nearly 200 delegates from 30 different countries were attending the 8 symposia in which the latest research advances in the field of Cystic Fibrosis were discussed. The symposia were devoted to: Genetics, genomics, and transcriptomics, Rare mutations and complex alleles, Activating alternative chloride channels to treat CF, Epithelial channelome including Folding and structure and Cell physiology and ion transport, CFTR processing, trafficking and interactions, Inflammation and host-pathogen interactions and Model systems.

TAT-CF project was invited to deliver a presentation included in the symposia Cell physiology and ion transport. The talk entitled ” Anionophores: Small-molecule CFTR surrogates as mutation agnostic CF drug candidates” showed the achievements of the project towards a transport pathway independent of CFTR.