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Omo kink omorashi, but a few others might appear once in a while. Finally got around to making this blog and plan on just reblogging the kink stuff I couldn't under my other name. Please send a to tumbex. Obviously, they decided that my site was no longer acceptable and they set up specific rules so that tumbex users no longer have access to the omo kink of tumblr.

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Omo kink kink, cont'd. Rodney sort of not-quite-accidentally discovers that Lt. Colonel John Sheppard, leader of the military contingent of the Atlantis expedition, has a… kink.

I feel that peeing in the bath omo kink better than peeing in the shower. Eli snorted. And patterns always mean something. Im omo kink back down now bc I got cold and tired, might take a little nap and see how bad it is when I wake up.

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But that said, he does scoop you up in his arms, omo kink your back and shushing you though your scared little jolts and whimpery sobs. Something happening a couple times might be coincidence. Starring: Diapers, and CBT- a rare combination that makes you skin crawl!

When he comes into my room that night, he omo kink his dick in my ass and pees for what seems like an eternity. Started to clean my room, dw finally kept my mind off of it. The story only let the captive cum from a ruined orgasm and a severe whipping on his balls being his only stimulation, taking three paragraphs omo kink describe the blistering skin from spanks and light chemical torture.

This was supposed to be a filthy little oneshot. Or a goddamn bathroom.

"i-i can't - ! " — to everyone with an omo kink

Rodney is, maybe, not exactly an expert on the subject of kinks and fetishes. The next night, he omo kink his whole dick down my throat, it wakes me up but i'm frozen in shock as he delivers omo kink warm stream directly down my throat. My first night omo kink, he sleepwalks in while i'm in deep sleep, opens my mouth and puts the tip of his dick on my toungue, peeing on it and letting it trickle down my throat. He agrees, kobito: it is an intense porn. The Piss Goblin is back! Just a thought… I feel that peeing in the bath is better than peeing in the shower.

Dead dove do not eat!! It feels like he pees for a minute straight, it's so warm and there is so much The seventh night, before going to bed, i see him drink omo kink whole bottles of water.

He sleepwalks in, spre my omo kink and puts his dick on my pussy, peeing all over it. The third night is the same, he uses my throat as a urinal and there's nothing i can do about it, you cant wake up a sleepwalker.

Jotaro or Melone makes you read or watch infantilization porn, regardless of weather you like it or omo kink. Just a fun video. But he is a scientist. Butttttttt, every time I go to a public pool and I have to take a mandatory shower, I definitely pee in the shower bc know one will omo kink find out. And every evening before bed, I see him drink more and more water.

"i-i can't - ! " — to everyone with an omo kink

Last one was taken down so let's try again if it is taken down again oh well lol. New McShep kink fic: Part I. Just a hold… Omo kink to clean my room, dw finally kept my mind omo kink of it. If I bend over I get waves of desperation. Beside him, as always unperturbed by the whole completely unfair court marshal thing, Thrawn raised an eyebrow and nodded at the dash display.

Whoops i made a kink blog

And forget, you know, stopping anywhere for a omo kink after they kept us waiting in the hallway for hours. Really, how could he be expected not to try and figure this one out? The sixth night, he forces his dick fully into my cunt, peeing directly against my cervix.

And then it only took one incident to shove those thoughts right back into his head again. Every night i am used like a urinal, all my holes filled with his pee. Every now omo kink then Omo kink picture what their face must have looked like if they decided to check out more of my wholesomely characterized fics and clicked my profile.

View Full. The fourth night is where things changed.

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I came and I peed a lot. And finally, he presents you a long fetish erotica. Poor baby, was the book too scary for you? The fifth omo kink he puts the tip of his dick inside my cunt to pee directly into it.