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Miles glanced at his phone for what felt like the hundredth time and dirty straight men, looking around the crowded Boston Airport. His brother had assured him that his American friend would pick him up, but it had been an hour since his arrival and the bloke was still nowhere to be seen. Just dirty straight men. As the youngest child in his large family, Miles had long ago learned when to pick his battles and when to save his breath. Zach had always been overprotective of him.

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A gay man can have dirty fingernails and a straight man can have clean fingernails.

Stereotypes about gay men abound and masculinity can be so fragile that one man took dirty straight men Twitter to brag about his dirty fingernails. A job that requires working outdoors or with your hands doesn't determine sexuality, nor does it define masculinity.

The romper marketed for men, was quickly mocked. Visit attn.

Therefore, while it may be disappointing, it isn't entirely surprising that a similar attitude would be adopted about having hands that aren't manicured — or, well, even clean. Anthony continues: "InKanye Dirty straight men faced enormous backlash when he wore a leather Givenchy kilt during his 'Watch the Throne' tour.

If your nails doesn't look like this you are ain't straight my guy. The issue of fragile masculinity has been discussed on Twitter before; most notably, with the viral hashtag " MasculinitySoFragile" in It is intended to give people an opportunity to highlight the consequences of certain societal expectations placed on masculinity. As Shonitria Anthony wrote for ATTN: in response, "However, the creators of Dirty straight men fail to note society's views of men — especially, men of color — whenever dirty straight men try on traditionally 'women's' fashion is incredibly sexist.

It all goes back to the idea of what a straight man should and should not look like.