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Of how hot she was and how much fun we were having? But at one point she went completely missing and the university and her dad called me in a panic.

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That all turned into her ultimately cheating on me a bit and that was my natural out. What was your first date like?

Why did you break up? Jacquelyn Schwartz.

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It was either the first or second date, but I know it was definitely at the very beginning. What was the sex like?

Did she ever dominate you? Not really. We went to coffee and then I watched her get her belly button pierced.

I tied her up, choked her, that sort of thing. It became a thing of where she liked doing coke more than she liked having sex with me. Date a domme was just doing drugs somewhere and then went to a very intensive rehab.

Well, she was a total dime and I have a thing for blonde chicks. I could never date someone in porn, but my relationship emulated one of a porn star and their non-porn partner. I mean I still care about her. Around a month after we broke up her parents intervened and she went back to the West Coast. I asked if she had a job and that was her response. She knew what she date a domme doing date a domme as I said, was really hot.

Were you ever jealous? A dominatrix is a woman who takes the dominant role in a bondage date a domme discipline, sadism and masochism BDSM relationship. Then we just had sex a date a domme. About two and a half months into the equation she tried cocaine for the first time, and from there she really started doing cocaine. She would pretend to be a prostitute, so she clearly got off on the money exchange stuff.

Did you ever dominate her? How long was she dominating for? What was the craziest thing she ever did with a client?

Dating a dominatrix: the secret relationship behind the profession

But once she had me pick her up from work and she still had tape on her nipples so I had to take the tape off without hurting her. When date a domme you find out she was a dominatrix?

The closest thing to that was when she jacked me off with shampoo, something that is not meant to be a lubricant, so it really hurt the next day, which is pretty date a domme crazy. But I was definitely not as openly proud of the dominatrix thing. We did some date a domme role-play but nothing groundbreaking.

We have tentative plans to see each other again, whenever that may be. What initially made you swipe right?

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We only made out. Did you leave with any kinky stories? Were you proud? Hell yeah. Yeah, but that was just my rough sex tendency.