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Jul Posted by drmarkgriffiths. This is not a fetish or a flash in the pan. In one unscientific survey asking a self-selected sample what their favourite fetish was, acomophilia ed for 2. He began with bald women fetish quotes from a of women:. Butler interviewed psychologist Dr.

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The smooth skin thing was a trip in its own right, but the buzz-cut furry animal texture is pretty great, as well.

Beware of bald women bearing gifts

People I encountered on bald women fetish internet, however… More accurately, I should say men on the internet. Guys wanted to know if I was down. Fifteen days ago, I shaved my head as part of a fundraising effort for a breast cancer support group in Antalya.

If I wanted to turn over in bed in the middle of the night, I had to lift my head all the way off the pillow first. Before I shaved my head, I watched a YouTube video of a bald woman who said that she bald women fetish appreciated how much hair she had until she cut it all off.

I even had a couple of bald women fetish encounters in person, but most of it was online. Post Tales of an accidental phoenix. At the time I thought that was a weird thing to say; now, though, I totally get it. This one should have been obvious, but for some reason Bald women fetish pictured myself looking bald for at least a week, maybe longer. I expected to be more emotional about having no hair. I was only bald for about a day. Before I shaved my hair off, I imagined that everyone was going to want to touch my bald head, and that it was going to get old really quickly.

Observations from two weeks as a (sort-of) bald woman

Facial expressions have become a thing. I have two holes in each earlobe, and normally I wear the same two pairs of earrings day in and day out. It feels good to have that confirmed. No Newer Posts Return to Blog.

Observations from two weeks as a sort-of bald woman. I have a lot more hair than I thought. Since I was getting rid of all my hair bald women fetish, I took full advantage and gave myself several different haircuts on the way out, just for fun.

Observations from two weeks as a (sort-of) bald woman

That particular variety of attention seems to have died down as more recent photos have been ed— I guess I have too much hair now to be of any real interest to people who are turned on by bald women. Personal. I tend to think of myself as someone who has a low-to-moderate amount of relatively fine hair, but I bald women fetish astonished when I bald women fetish the size of the pile of hair on the floor, and it was surprising how long it took to cut it all off with the clippers. Shaving my head was a good way to experiment with hairstyles.

Lint, clothing, bedsheets… everything. If I wanted to wear a knit hat, I had to get it positioned exactly right on the first try, because once it was bald women fetish, there was no adjusting it, it was stuck there. The stubble phase is basically velcro.

Yeah, apparently bald fetish is a thing. I surprised myself by really liking some haircuts I never considered before, like the buzzed-on-the-sides look. Some were quite explicit bald women fetish their fantasies. People constantly tried to do things for me, carry my bag, and offer me a seat. The first couple of days, people I encountered in my daily life were ridiculously nice to me. Rule 34? By the afternoon of the second day, though, bald women fetish stubble was clearly visible. I felt differently about personal space than I thought I would.

It kind of makes me want to punch myself in the teeth, but something had to be done to save people from their own lack of comedic sensibility, and to protect my sanity.


I felt exactly the way I thought I would about the dumb jokes. Earrings have become a thing. By the following morning, I felt like I was someone with really short hair rather than a bald person. For the first week or so after the stubble bald women fetish, everything stuck to my head. I even mentioned on social media that I bald women fetish bracing myself for the amount of sighing and eyerolling I was going to have to do.